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About Us

FASTER Asset Solutions is a computer software and fleet services company headquartered in Norfolk, VA. We are a fast growing, employee-owned company that is driven by our purpose, mission and values. With over 28 years in the industry, we are unique in the industry as an employee-owned, US-Based major fleet management system provider.

Our Offerings & Value

Best-of-Breed: FASTER is the best-of-breed fleet management system provider. Our web-based solution, FASTER Web, is the most powerful and technologically advanced fleet management system on the market. While other vendors offer web-enabled solutions that were developed with early stage web technologies, FASTER Web was developed based on current platforms from the ground up for a true web experience that offers better load times, better search capability and a true user experience that does not rely on endless scrolling or screen jumping. We also offer a client server, Windows-based solution, FASTER Win that provides a rich solution for those who prefer a non-web-based platform.

Lower Cost of Operations & Integrated Process Focus: FASTER is the only fleet management system that was developed by experienced fleet professionals at every stage of development. Many vendors of fleet software use a business model where their debt load requires them to sell expensive customizations in order to sustain financial viability.  

Rather than selling you software and price-gouging customizations; FASTER provides a true robust solution. While providing ample customization capability to conform to any unique business process you have; FASTER provides robust process functionality and flexible configuration that achieve greater efficiency gains, easier implementations, and lower overall cost of operations.

The Gold-Standard in Implementation and Support: Many of our customers who have used our competitors and switched can testify to the extraordinary commitment we have to our customers. You get a real technical support representative who knows the system, IT and Fleet within three rings. Yes that was rings, not days, hours or call-backs. Ask one of our more than 340 customers. Or, try it for yourself: Just call our support line: 800-753-2783. Our Support is 24 x 7 x 365. And that is Software, IT, and Fleet Consulting.  

Turnkey Implementation: When you get a statement of work from FASTER, it is all-inclusive. There are never project overruns that stem from our implementation. While customers are free to expand the scope and number of customizations: FASTER never causes you to incur unplanned expenses. And your implementation not only has a dedicated project manager. But you will also be assigned a fleet consultant who is a former fleet manager who actually used FASTER and can be a practical consultant to you to ensure you maximize your investment and minimize the cost and disruption of an implementation.  

Enterprise-Level: As IT professionals know, some best-of-breed software has the critical need to be used across an enterprise to provide solutions for a variety of departments in an enterprise. FASTER is equipped to permit enterprise use and value through a variety of modules and functionality across departments such as:

  • Billing integration including multi-department access to billing data.
  • Accident reporting for operators from any part of the organization.
  • Accident information is accessible for risk management and other department so to provide cross departments accident management.
  • Asset acquisition and disposal financial data can be managed by procurement and other departments.
  • Multi-department access to: Asset replacement inventory list, forecasted capital replacement cost for budgeting.
  • Maintenance and fuel usage costs available to all departments for budget planning.
  • Any organization employee can request a service appointment from the Customer Portal.
  • Any employee can check on the status of vehicle repairs during the repair process.
  • Email notifications can be scheduled for upcoming preventative maintenance for any employee or department with vehicles.
  • Notifications to your partner vendors for stock reorders.
  • Full integration with any internal systems you choose through a variety of methods including web services for things like finance, fuel, purchasing, HR functions such as payroll, and others.
  • Full integration with any partner vendor you choose through a variety of methods including web services.

Fully Integrable with Other Enterprise Level Systems: FASTER’s architecture permits full integration with other vendor solutions. Chances are we already have developed a similar interface or integration with your other vendors. Or, we can provide a custom-built integration to meet your needs. FASTER has a team with over 75 years of cumulative experience providing integrations for finance, fuel, inventory, purchasing, parts, and other systems.

Education-Focused: FASTER is an active part of the IT, Public Works and Fleet Industry providing best practice training, leadership training, as well as IT training at tradeshows and industry events. Our industry newsletters are some of the best resources available for operations and IT professionals. And FASTER’s annual conference for Fleet and IT professionals is one of the best events of the year for practical education and networking.

ROI & Bottom-Line Benefits and Efficiencies from FASTER Include

  • Increased Equipment Availability
  • Reduction in Total Cost-Per-Mile Expenditures
  • Optimized Equipment Utilization
  • Increased Technician Productivity
  • Improved Life Cycle Costing
  • More Efficient Fuel Management
  • Cost Controls Based On:
  • Warranties on Equipment Repairs and Parts
  • Just-in-Time Inventory Management
  • Effective PM Scheduling and Compliance
  • Increased Service Levels for and Communication with Your Customers
  • Reduced Administrative Overhead
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Overall Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness

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