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Getting Maximum ROI from a Motor Pool System

with Jonathan Holloran, Enterprise Product Manager & Program Manager

Over six years ago FASTER released its first generation Motor Pool product based on the idea that a motor pool product will help you manage your vehicle availability. The reality is, however, that motor pool doesn’t just have to be about rental vehicles. Motor pool can also help you optimize your overall fleet usage. If you want to squeeze every bit of value out of your software/hardware purchase, consider using your motor pool solution to manage not only your pool vehicles but also your loaner vehicles and redundant equipment.

Many fleets provide loaner vehicles as a service to their customers. Keeping track of these vehicles can become its own burden. A motor pool application should be designed to allow you to dispatch a vehicle to a person as a loaner (at no cost or for a cost). This will provide you with many benefits, from reporting on your loaner vehicle usage to quickly being able to see who has which loaner vehicle and when you expect them to return it.

Another common problem is redundant, under-utilized vehicles in the fleet. Often individual departments do not have the same global vehicle view that a fleet manager does. If you find yourself with multiple assets of the same type, such as backhoes or heavy lifters(which are often being under-utilized), your motor pool application could be just the solution you need. Consider using the motor pool program to allow multiple departments to share the use of the asset in question. Each department would be able to reserve it for specific projects allowing one asset to meet the needs of multiple departments. From a big-picture fleet perspective, you get to reduce your fleet size and cost, which is a win for the entire organizations cost of doing business. Your customers no longer have to carry the whole cost of this unit because it can be split across one or more other departments, which means a win for their specific budget as well.

Return on investment (ROI) is a buzzword that will not go away…and for good reason. Making sure the money that the fleet invests (be it in software applications or actual equipment) provides equivalent value or better is an important measure of the success of a purchase. Ensure your motor pool application is providing you the best ROI by using it to manage more than just your pool vehicles.

Upcoming Release of FASTER's 2nd Generation Motor Pool

In 2010 (about a year ago) we began work on our second generation Motor Pool product. It will include some exciting additions in functionality such as remote or attendantless dispatch via a key box that are outlined below. This new version of our Motor Pool product is anticipated to be completed by summer 2012. We are in the final stage of development and are still eager for your input. We have gathered input from many current users and welcome additional input.

We will be releasing this exciting new product in phases.  The initial phase will include the following features:

  • Fully web-based and tightly integrated with FASTER Web
  • User-defined rental rates, types, and asset class structures based on a wide variety of parameters
  • Fully configurable multi-site management for both assets and users
  • Highly detailed, individualized permissions for all access levels from administrator to driver
  • Driver information validation
  • Multi-driver capability
  • Ability to list passengers
  • Cross-organizational cost sharing capability
  • Instant notification of reservation creation or modification via customizable email templates
  • Ability to create site-specific automatic asset assignment priorities
  • Seamlessly integrated accounting with FASTER Web billing processes
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Online reservation access from any browser-based device
  • Interactive calendar displaying all assets and outstanding/pending dispatches and reservations, with daily/weekly/monthly views
  • Detailed reporting capabilities