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FASTER Web FMIS Technical Overview


FASTER Web has a robust, role based security model. Access to the system is granted when a valid Username and Password is provided. The Username is associated to a Role, which contains specific Permissions that define what the user can and cannot do in the system. The security design allows for any level of Permission granularity that is desired; it can be made as simple or as complex as required. Along with controlling Permissions to specific modules within FASTER Web, Roles can be assigned based on the Users’ Organization, Storeroom, Maintenance Shop, and Fuel Site. This allows multiple entities or agencies to utilize the system for their unique business needs.

Application Technologies

FASTER Web is a web application that utilizes the following technologies:

  • IIS
  • Silverlight
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • The .NET Framework

The application is designed using the CSLA .NET framework, which allows for 1, 2, and n-tier deployments.  CSLA .NET also provides the flexibility to optimize performance, scalability, security and fault tolerance with no changes to code in the UI or business objects, thus providing a flexible system using industry standard platforms with low cost of maintenance and operation.


FASTER Web System Overview

The system design supports cradle-to-grave asset management that includes best-practice business process functions. The system architecture allows for multiple business units whose internal processes can differ.

This Web Solution is intended to fulfill the need of those organizations that require the benefits of a browser based client that can be accessed from remote locations with any wireless enabled device.

FASTER Web can integrate with any system via traditional flat-file integration. Or, a more robust integration can be achieved through a suite of web services. The web services are made available as add-on modules to the core product. Our web services are based on WCF technologies making FASTER Web’s COTS system a valuable addition to your enterprise.



FASTER is a Silver Business Intelligence Microsoft Partner. FASTER Web runs in a Windows Server and SQL Server environment. The hardware requirements for the FASTER Web environment vary depending on your specific site’s size and needs.

It can be run on your internal intranet, or be hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet if you select to use a hosting provider. For more specific environment requirements, contact us at


Reporting & Business Intelligence

FASTER Web includes native deployment of reports using SQL Server Reporting Services. In addition to using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for custom reports, you can use other ad-hoc reporting tools such as Crystal Reports to produce custom reports.

In addition, FASTER Web has an industry breakthrough capability built in as a dynamic advanced search function that enables users to create robust on-the-fly reports. This capability does not require any special skill with SSRS or other ad-hoc reporting tools such as Crystal Reports. This saves users a great deal of time. It permits the selection of a series of parameters. And it permits filtering and sorting columns with great ease. As with our standard reports, these ad-hoc reports can be exported to a variety of formats.

The FASTER Web Dashboard Add-on also provides an easily accessible, real-time, role-based, at-a-glance overview of your fleet’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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