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Who We Are—What Makes Us Unique

Our History

In 1982 FASTER Asset Solutions was founded in and is still headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Our original name was CCG Systems. We created one of the most successful fleet management systems and received wide acceptance in the marketplace. The original founding partners took on other employee stock holders as the company grew becoming a closely held corporation with stock owned by 29 employees.

Product History: The company initially brought to market the FASTER mainframe fleet management solution which ran on BOS. At the turn of the Millennium a FASTER Windows-based fleet management system replaced the BOS system as the flagship product of the company. That product grew to become one of the most dominant fleet management systems in the marketplace with over 300 customers.

In 2003 those 29-employee stockholders sold the company to an Employee Stock Ownership plan (ESOP). That ESOP provides stock ownership to employees over time. Thus ownership changed from a company owned by several employees to an ESOP owned company where ownership is distributed among all current and future employees. This was a pivotal change and provides a major competitive advantage in that ESOP’s tend to create an engaged workforce that is focused on the long-term success of their customers. Simply put: We do not have the short-term profit pressures of a publicly traded company. Our customers can testify that we look at ourselves as an extended family that is committed to your aspirations and organizational goals.

In 2008 in order to eliminate market confusion between the original company name, CCG Systems, and the brand name, FASTER that had come to define the company; the corporate name was changed from CCG Systems to FASTER Asset Solutions. This also permitted a simple naming convention for the company’s two flagship products: FASTER Win, which is the most respected and trusted Windows-based fleet management system on the market; and FASTER Web, which is the most advanced web-based enterprise level fleet management system on the market. No other system provides true web-based functionality nor can offer the implementation success track record FASTER has amassed and the gold-standard support for which FASTER is famous.

Our Mission

Continue to provide the premier best-of-breed fleet management solution, with the phenomenal implementation and support to ensure the lowest cost of operation and the technology which provides the greatest efficiency gains.

Our Values

Honesty in all endeavors; An ongoing incorporation of the most innovative technologies; The consistent infusion of fleet best practices that set industry standards; Utilizing education as the conduit for improving the industry; A stewardship commitment to our customers, employees and partners that propels their overall success and financial progress; And a commitment to integrity and respect towards all stake-holders and the world around us.

Staff Longevity

The best-of-breed status FASTER enjoys is the result of a very dedicated team of professionals. FASTER has the longest tenure within its workforce of any company providing fleet management systems and services.  Our Development, IT and Fleet professionals have a combined 293 years of service with FASTER. And their industry experience prior to joining us pushes the actual years of industry experience even higher. Simply put, no one has a workforce that has more experience and longevity than FASTER.


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