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Why Choose FASTER?

How FASTER Improves Your Operation

  • Increase technician productivity.
  • Optimize equipment utilization.
  • Increase availability of equipment.
  • Improve communication with customers.
  • Increase service levels for customers.
  • Supervise more effectively with online tools.
  • Reduce administrative overhead.
  • Improve life cycle costing.
  • Manage fuel more efficiently.
  • Increase competitiveness.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Effectively track warranties on equipment, stocked and non-stocked parts.
  • Control costs for just-in-time inventory management.
  • Improve PM scheduling compliance to reduce repairs and costs.

The Overall Benefits of FASTER

  • Improve informed decision abilities using accurate and timely information.
  • Continually improving customer service.
  • Compete effectively with the private sector.
  • Increase service levels for customers.
  • Communicate with customers and administrators.
  • Take advantage of ongoing training and learning opportunities provided by fleet professionals.
  • Easily access reliable, real-time information.

What Sets FASTER Apart

  • Off-the-shelf, user-friendly system based on state-of-the-art architecture and technology.
  • Over 23 years experience providing responsive fleet management software solutions to the industry.
  • A commitment to excellence that differentiates us from our competitors in the industry.
  • Customer support and services that set the industry standard.
  • Our people, every single one, are experienced professionals dedicated to helping your make a difference.

Our Main Focus—A Positive User Experience

  • Process-driven program that is easy to use.
  • Fully integrated real-time information available across all application processes.
  • Intuitive display for information.
  • Supports benchmarking against industry standards.
  • Standard Windows user interface conventions (e.g., drop-downs, scroll bars, tabs, searches, etc.).
  • Flexibility of site-specific setup options.
  • Real-time access for all fleet personnel.

The Proven Technology of FASTER

  • True three-tier client/server multi-threading architecture.
  • OLE DB-compliant using your choice of MS SQL or Oracle.
  • Standardized GUI interface across applets.
  • Windows 32-bit application.

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Why Choose FASTER?
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